SM implant system
01. Muchined Surface / 02. Double Thread (Cortical boneFixation) 03. Body Thread(CancellousBone Fixation) 04. Cutting edge 05. Apex
  • 01 Machined Surface
    The 0.3mm machined surface in the top part of
    the implant enables to enssure the apparent
    implant insertion depth. Following the implant
    placement it function as a 'Platform Switching'
    since the soft-tissue and bone naturally
    healover the implant.
  • 02 Double Thread
    Double thread is designed prevent demage to
    the cortical bone. It enhances the initial stability
    and provides the function of preventing cortical
    absorption from bacterial infection.
  • 03 Body design
    The stramlined body-thread of the screw is
    designed to avoid bone fracture under inserting
    pressure. As the double-thread is connected to
    the tapered body-thread, it supports the primary
    stability.Widely designed pitch distance can
    endure the inserting pressure due to the sufficient
    support from bone structure.
  • 04 Cutting edge
    8mm and 10mm implants have a single
    cutting edge and 12mm and 14mm implants
    have dual cutting edges on both sections,
    the double-thread and the body-thread,
    these cutting edgesrae designed to as well
    as primary stability
  • 05 Apex
    The apex profile facilitate ease of insertion,
    reduced potential run-out and minimized bone
Surface Treatment
Resorbable Blast Media - RBM (Resorbable Blast Media) is an implant surface treatment whereby micro-particles of the Hydroxyapetite-derived Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate, Alpha-Tcp, TTcp, and Calcium-Pyrophosphate(CPP) are impregnated into the titanium surface through high pressure blasting techniques in order to obtain an unparalleled micro-surface roughness. All blast-media is subsequently removed from the titanium surface using a unique and patented cleansing process.
Surface roughness
    DIO Implant System uses automated facility which guarantees
    Ra: 1.2~1.5 of fine surface roughness.
Quality Assurance
    DIO IMPLANT RBM products uses a strict bio-safety protocol.
   01 Sensitization Test (ISO1-993-10)
    DIO tests to ensure contact sensitization, making sure neither erythema
    and edema are present and that there are no allergic reactions.
   02 Cytotoxicity Test (ISO10993-5)
    Cell cultures are developed for 24 hours to confirm no cytotoxic growth.
   03 Intracutaneous Reactivity Test (ISO10993-10)
    DIO evaluate local tissue reaction and ensure that no erythema,     eschar or odema are present.
Dual Surface Treatment
RBM 2mm / RBM + CaP
Brushite(CaHPO) is a Calcium-Phosphate (CaP)-derived chemical component, which was
discovered after investigations into why the facture of a child’s bone recovers faster than
in adults.

Compared to the well-known Hydroxyapetite, Brushite is easily soluble, providing highly
concentrated calcium ions and Phosphate ions, which bring rapid bone growth and high
mineraslization, acting as an anchor during the mineralization process.

* RBM Surface treatment + Brushite(CaP) electrochemically deposited coating

BioTite-H Coating is proven for its safety and verified for its validity by German technology
produced form German
Brushite s Improved Osseointegration Mechanism
01 Capillary action promotes a good blood supply.
02 Increased concentration of Ca, Po4 by controlled surface absorption.
03 Brushite increases the amount of bone tissue in contact with the implant surface.
04 Increased bone tissue causes stronger osseointegration.
05 The highly bio-active surface treatment of Brushite(CaP) causes
rapod osseointegration whilst having high levels of mineralization.
06 Clinical results have demonstrated that the healing process takes on
average 48.9 days (around 7 weeks) for the lower jaw and 83.8 days
(approximately 12 weeks) for the upper jaw.
07 Depending on the bone condition and health of the patient,
healing can be achieved in as little as 4 weeks
Immediate Loading Success Rate
· Brushite(CaHPO) is a Calcium-Phosphate (CaP)-derived chemical component, which was discovered after investigations into
  why the facture of a child’s bone recovers faster than in adults.
Surface Treatment Thickness
·Surface treatment is typically 15+/-5µm.

·BioTite-H’s unique surface layer works as a lubricant at insertion, remaining only on the implant’s highly roughened RBM
  surface-to-bone interface and promoting rapid osseointegration and mineralization.
Improved Osseointegration
· According to the result of animal tests, Brushite (CaP) Coating product’s BIC (Bone Implant Contact) is comparative to TPS,
  it has improved from 49.8% to 73% which is about a 23% increase.
  • Soluability(%) of coating layer during 
animal test period of 6 weeks.
    Dual Surface Treatment(RBM + Brushite(CaP))
    Brushite which accelerates the bone regeneration
    is double treated on the RBM which
    has high bio-compatibility by electro chemical
    coating treatment with roughness of Ra 1.2 ~ 1.5 RBM.
    Except the Micro-thread 2mm part, entire body is coated.
  •   Ratio of BIC on TPS + Brushite(CaP) 
Coated Implant after
placing period of 6 weeks.
    BioTite-H's wettability is just like capillary which is natural reaction
    such as water absorbed by tissue or roots.
    BioTite-H is designed to absorb the blood as high as the product
    it self as soon as it makes contact with blood.
    So support this idea, there are research data on the effect of capillary
    with different roughness and coating resources.
  • Brushite(CaP) Coating SEM
    Surface crystallites in the shape of platelets or pins,
    create the capillary effect that facilitates
    immediate moistening of the surface.
  • Capillary Effect
    Micro-crystalline coating accelerates bone on-growth at
    the implant surface.

    Faster and improved integration of implant with controlled
    coating solubility and simultaneous substitution by new bone.

    Thin coating layer < 20㎛

    Fine crystalline morphology increases bone-implant interface

    Electrochemically deposition enables complete coverage of
    complex shapes and porous surfaces6) None-line-sight