The Full Digital Solution Ever to Reach the Peak of Innovation

DIO Ecosystem

  • Scanning
  • Designing
  • 3D Printing & Curing
  • Completion & Usage

Experience the Extraordinary Everyday!
DIO Ecosystem

'DIO Ecosystem' is an optimal full digital prosthetic solution developed in a completely
new design by combining digital big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The hardware and software of 'DIO Ecosystem' deliver the most efficient, reasonable,
faster, and more precise prosthesis.

From scanning, designing to fabrication, the entire workflow can be done in the clinic to
fabricate surgical guide and prosthesis. DIO Ecosystem is set to become the must-have
solution for digital dentistry.

With the power of perfectly designed technology,
DIO Ecosystem will lead you to the peak of innovation.



Complete your digital clinic
with perfect line-up of digital
dentistry devices


Designing your own crowns
has never been easier
and more accurate!
AI-supported software
will do the magic


1 hour

Unbelievably fast!
Only one hour is enough
for the prosthesis


The new bio-friendly 3D
printing materials make
the prostheses that are
close to natural teeth



A smarter choice,
now it's easy to make
prostheses in the clinic,
not in a dental lab

The Perfect Beginning of Your Digital Dentistry

DIO Ecosystem

  • Scanning
  • Designing
  • 3D Printing
    & Curing
  • Completion
    & Usage

DIO Ecosystem
Digital Workflow

  • 01
  • Scanning
  • Scan the patient's mouth condition
    to obtain impression data.
  • 02
  • Designing
  • Surgical Guide Printing

    Design the surgical guide
    at the DIOnavi. Center,
    and print the surgical
    guide at the clinic.

  • Crown

    DIO ECO CAD S/W makes
    it easy to design
    prostheses similar to the
    patient's natural teeth.

  • 03
  • 3D Printing
    / Curing
  • DIO PROBO Z prints out
    high-quality surgical guide.

  • High-quality crown is printed
    using DIOnavi-P. MAX.

  • 04
  • Completion
    & Usage
  • Digitally navigated
    using surgical guide

  • Connect the esthetically
    printed crown.

Medit i700
Medit i700

Provides comfort to both the patient and
the clinician with easy scanning.

Start of a digital clinic

  • Amazing Speed

    The two high-speed cameras on Medit i700 materializes fast
    and effective scan speed. The artificial intelligence-based
    scan algorithm quickly recognizes the scan area and supports
    flawless smooth scanning. Also with the high-speed video
    function, a lot of data can be shot in a short time.

  • Scanning without Powder Coating

    There’s no need to coat with powder when scanning a
    regular case, so the scanning process is simple, and this
    provides a more comfortable environment for the patients.

  • Small Scan-tip

    The scan-tip is designed to be the minimal size considering
    the scanning area. Not only that, but the lightweight and
    the grip shape for long-hour usage enables comfortable
    scanning for both the patients and the clinicians.

  • High-resolution Scan

    HD high-resolution camera captures the scanned teeth
    image in detail and distinguishes the margin of the
    prepped teeth, which then increases the suitability of the
    prosthesis. It can also express a scan image color real
    enough to separate the soft tissue and plaque.

Eco CAD SoftwareEco CAD Software
DIO ECO CAD Software

Powerful AI feature instantly renders your crown
designs and morphs as you wish.

Magical result in one click

Easy and simple design software
makes a hassle-free process

  • Optimized Auto-Design

    With DIO ECO CAD which was applied
    with big data and AI fusion technology,
    anyone can easily design dental prostheses.

  • Smart Abutment Library

    Data of the Scan adaptor and the customized abutment is
    transferred to different individual libraries, which allows
    anyone to easily and accurately design implant prostheses.

  • Various Indications

    Various types of prostheses can be designed such as
    Onlay, Inlay,Single Crown, and Bridge Crown.


Unstoppable evolution of performance.

This is the endgame for the most precise 3D printer.
Meet the most precise output possible with a 3D printer
in the history of DIO with the precision degree of ±50㎛.
Faster and more powerful DIO PROBO Z shows top
performance out of all other printers on the market.

  • High Resolution & Accuracy

    Can print a Full HD (1920 x 1080) DLP
    of high-quality prostheses.

  • Increase in Precision and Speed

    With the precision degree of ±50㎛., it takes 25 minutes using
    “DIOnavi-P. MAX” for batch printing 40 single crowns.

  • Touch Screen & Intuitive UI

    Touch panel and user-friendly UI increases user convenience.

  • A Rational and Wise Choice

    This can allow easy and economical
    prostheses printing in the clinic.

Slicer Software

The slicing software is DIO's proprietary software optimized for DIO PROBO Z for
compatibility and usability. With fast data processing feature, DIO PROBO Z performs
with maximum efficiency and productivity.

DIOnavi-P. MAX

Unlimited DIOnavi-P. MAX
Firmer than any material, Stronger from the beginning.

  • DIOnavi-P. MAX uses hybrid nano technology to
    dramatically boost the already top-of-its-class
    durability once again.

    DIOnavi-P. MAX


    Prostheses with high strength and high elasticity of
    190Mpa were developed with a 3D printer PROBO Z
    in the DIO lab.

  • 10g

    Extremely lightweight, less than 10g. (per single arch)

  • Realization of Aesthetics

    Prostheses design that is optimized for patients’ oral cavity.

    DIOnavi-P. MAX
  • DIOnavi-P. MAX

    DIOnavi-P. MAX vs PAEK Family Polymer

    *PEKK Poly Ether Ketone Ketone: A new Polymeryc material with high physical properties used for aerospace and medical implant applications, recently being used to fabricate dental fixed prostheses, post, temporary abutment, and attachment. [JDT, Sept 9, 2019 ,Surface characteristics and bonding performance of polymer restorative materials for dental CAD/CAM systems / J Adv Res. 2020 Sep, PEKK, An emerging biomaterial for oral implants and dental prostheses]
    *Hardness and flexural strength tested on prostheses fabricated using DIO PROBO 3D printer at DIO R&D Center.

  • DIOnavi-SG

    DIOnavi-SG is a biocompatible photopolymer material developed for printing surgical guides used in patientcustomized implant surgeries. It is a material that has been tested for toxicity and biological test on the human body as well as its strength.

DIO Ecosystem