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DIO Implant leading global implant market! Leading the World Implant Market, Pledging to Become the Company Recognized for Expertise in Top Quality Product Value
DIO Implant leading global implant market!
DIO Co. Ltd., is leading new innovation in the global market for dental 3D printing. 2019-08-08 4419

DIO Co. Ltd., is leading new innovation in the global market for dental 3D printing.

The dental industry is excited about the lineup with 5 types of 3D printing materials.

DIO Corporation (representative director, Jin-baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, succeeded in developing advanced, 3D printing materials for exclusive dental applications. DIO established the printing process optimized for digital dental treatment, thereby drawing the attention and interests of clinical dentists.

DIO independently developed bio-compatible photopolymerization 3D printing material for exclusive dental use including Temporary Crown, Surgical Guide, Castable Resin, and Dental Model, etc. in March of last year. In April of this year, the company completed permits and approvals for the ‘Denture Base’ materials for the first time among domestic companies, thereby being acknowledged as the only company in Korea with unrivaled technological capabilities for the establishment of the lineup ranging from development to manufacturing and sales of the 5 types of 3D printing materials (C&B, SG, Cast, Model, Denture). Moreover, the company completed verification of the safety of materials by completing biocompatibility test verification for cytotoxicity, mucus irritation, and systemic toxicity.

In addition, these 5 types of 3D printing materials have quick output times and high quality with excellent precision, along with outstanding hardness and strength when created with the 3D printer, ‘DIO PROBO’. It is possible to output Temporary Crown, Surgical Guide, Castable Resin, Dental Model, and Denture Base within 30, 60, 30, 60, and 60 minutes, respectively. It can achieve outstanding mechanical properties even if it is hardened with the hardener, PROBO Cure, only for 5 minutes. As such, the effect of shortening the time taken for the overall procedure is also anticipated since this is a substantially shorter period of time in comparison to those of other companies.

When the prominent characteristics of the 3D printing material lineup are examined, DIOnavi-C&B is a resin for 3D printing of prostheses such as dental crowns and bridges, etc., and it is a material that has completed a total of 8 types of biological safety tests, including cytotoxicity conducted over a period of 10 months at the leading global GLP test institution, TUV SUD. Currently, it is composed of 3 shades, namely, A1, A2, and A3, in accordance with the VITA Shade Guide with plans to expand the lineup to include more diversified shades along with improved product development in the future.

DIOnavi-SG is being thoroughly quality-controlled through its physical properties including bending strength and hardness, etc. It is possible to confirm higher precision of dimensions if created with a 3D printer, DIO PROBO, whose performances have been proven through prolonged periods of output tests.

Furthermore, the DIOnavi-Model can print consultation and working models, and has the advantage of low contraction rates of model material that considers appropriateness and margin. At the same time, it provides comfortable visibility at a level equivalent to that of the existing impression model. In Korea, the width of selection for the users will be increased in accordance with the purposes of use by expanding the lineup of the gray colors (DIOnavi-Model02) in addition to the existing orange color from August this year in Korea.

The newly-developed DIOnavi-Cast 02 has further increased output precision in comparison to the existing DIOnavi-Cast by means of the casting pattern. It is a 100% casting printing material that leaves no residue after casting, making it an excellent material for all types of casting works, including partial frame, metal crown, and orthodontic device etc.

Lastly, DIOnavi-Denture has outstanding mechanical strength to the extent of displaying an average bending strength of 115MPa through exhaustive quality control with bending strength of more than 80MPa, which is substantially higher than the standard bending strength of ‘Denture’ at 50MPa, thereby enabling production of ‘Full Denture’ and ‘Partial Denture’.

Mr. Yeong-Min Park, the Director in charge overall of the 3D printing material development division of DIO, stated that, “3D printing materials of DIO were developed as the result of prolonged periods of research studies. In particular, ‘DIOnavi-Denture’ has very little distortion of the denture base configuration, even after prolonged periods of use due to its outstanding water resistance, thereby resulting in excellent water absorption and dissolvability. Relining is easy, since it is made of photopolymerization resin material and is more effective if it is used with DIOnavi-C&B in accordance with the application purposes due to its outstanding binding force.”

Moreover, Mr. Sang-Wook Lim, the Executive Director in charge overall of the DIO marketing division, stated, “we find it highly encouraging since the excellence of the material, centered-around the ‘early adaptor’ currently leading the digital dental treatment, is being sufficiently acknowledged,” and that, “the relevant industry is already excited with the outstanding assessment of the materials. DIO will concentrate all of our competencies to maintain our leading status even in the global 3D printing material market.”

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