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Whitening Foam

The Go-Anywhere Oral Hygiene
The DIO WHITENING Foam Toothpaste comes in a special container, for use not only everyday at home, but to take along on the road with no toothbrush, for simple oral hygiene with spray foam. Volume  :  50ml
Price       :  $12

Toothpaste Active Ingredients

Hydroxyapatite HAp / Ginger Tincture / Onidium Rhizome Extract / Mugwort Extract / Allantoin

Recommended User

Expectant Mothers' Oral Hygiene : Dio foam toothpaste is convenient not only during pregnancy, but for before and after childbirth in handling oral hygiene at a cinch. / Orthodontic Brace Users : Opulent foam cleans every nook and cranny around your teeth. / Implant Users : After implant surgery, helps to maintain oral hygiene with ease. / Outdoor Activities : Portable and light, take anywhere brushing is not expedient for simple dental hygiene.

What is DIO WHITENING Foam Toothpaste? It's a Foam Type Toothpaste, in a special container, developed in 2006,also sold through television marketing, and exported to Switzerland, Thailand, China, Kazakhstan, U.S., Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many other countries worldwide.

Good for the Following Types of People!! Patients undergoing dental treatment / Business people interacting with many customers / Coffee & tobacco lovers / Before going out on a date / Patients with limited mobility / Expectant mothers whose gums are took weak for brushing / Children who don't like to brush / For traveling & business trips

How to Use the Foam Toothpaste : 1. Pump 1~2 times into your mouth, gargle for about 30 seconds, then spit it out. Rinse with water. 2. Pump 1~2 times into your mouth, then use your toothbrush. 
					/ How to Refill : 1. Shake 2~3 times before each use. 2. Open the refill bottle cap. 3. Remove the aluminum foil wrap. 4. Open the foam toothpaste container cap and pour in a desired amount. [A 150ml Refill type, for up to 3 refills of the 50ml container.]

DIO Products

WHITENING Toothpaste Size 50ml Foam Type / WHITENING Toothpaste Size 150ml Foam Type

When this happens, use the DIO whitening toothpaste

Benefits of DIO whitening toothpaste