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Surgery & Management 01.Implant Surgical Procedure & Regulat Follow-Up
  • 01 Diagnosis &
         Treatment Planning
    Using X-rays, Panorama, CT, photography and plaster molds for detailed patient evaluation, accurate analysis and diagnosis for a treatment plan.
  • 02 Implant Anchor
    An implant anchor is inserted precisely at the optimum placement from the treatment plan.
  • 03 Bone-Implant
    Time is needed for the inserted anch or surface to combine sturdily fixed to the bone cells. Normally the lower jaw requires 4 months, and the upper jaw 6months, during which hard foods ,external shock, smoking, and excessive alcohol should be refrained from.
  • 04 Abutment Support
    On top of the implant anchor, an abutment support is bonded to allow an artificial tooth to be connected. The tooth direction of each person is uniquely positioned from the resultant forces, so custom fitting is performed for a comfortable fit.
  • 05 Prothesis
    The last step of the surgical procedure is to attach the artificial tooth on the abutment support. The type of prosthetic tooth maybe selected by each patient for optimum comfort.
  • 06 Regular Follow-Up
    To keep the implant in healthy condition, regular follow-up visits are
    required for close examination, usually at 6 months or 1 year interval from the initial implantation, and they prolong the life of the implant.
Diagnosis & Treatment Plan -> Implant Insertion -> Bone-Implant Bonding -> Abutment Support Attachment -> Prosthesis Attachment -> Regular Follow-Up (With implants, regular checkups 
after the surgery are important.)
Surgery & Management 02.Post-Implaht Surgery Management
REGULAR FOLLOW-UP PERIODS : With regular follow-up visits after implant surgery, enjoy healthy teeth for a long period of time
  • Twice Weekly
    No stimulation of surgical area, No hot food or drink, Liquid toothpaste for gargle, No smoking
  • Once After 1 Month
    Treatment may appear to be complete from the scars healing, but the bones are at their weakest, avoid shock and shaking, touch or hard foods.
  • Once After 3 Months
    The stage when the bone is firmly bonded to the implant.
  • Once After 6 Months
    Examine oral hygiene condition and implant attachment condition, etc.
  • Once a Year
    Examine oral hygiene condition and implant attachment condition, etc.